To receive free McDonald’s Fruit Smoothies for JUST PLAYING FUN EDUCATIONAL GAMES ON, contact your teacher to register for the Arizona iCivics program and share this website with them. Participating students shall:

  1. Track their time spent on playing the iCivics games
  2. If utilizing the downloadable form above (Student iCivics Arizona Tracking Form), parent/guardian or teacher must initial the form.  Students submit the form to their teacher once they have completed the 200 minutes (must be on the site at a minimum of 10 times for 20 minute intervals)
  3. Teachers compile the total minutes of their students, submit the information for each classroom by utilizing the McDonald’s Fruit Smoothie Request & Tracking Form - Online
  4. Free McDonald’s Smoothie Coupons will be mailed within 2-3 weeks from the original date of submission
  5. The last date of submission to receive free McDonald's Smoothie Coupons is June 30th of each school year.


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