By tracking 5th-9th grade student participation through the iCivics AZ tracking tool, teachers are automatically entered into the statewide iCivics Arizona Competition with a chance to receive a prize (valued at $250) and each student from the winning classroom will receive a $7 McDonald's gift card. 


The Foundation will host 3 rounds of competition.  At the end of each round, the top teachers with the classroom with the most tracked minutes played will win a $250 Amazon.com gift card and each student from their winning class will receive a $7 McDonald's gift card.  One prize will be awarded to the following classrooms with the most minutes at the end of each round:

  • Small Class Size: 1-15 Students
  • Medium Class Size: 16-30 Students
  • Large Class Size: 31-45*

*If a class size is larger than 45 students, please contact the Foundation immediately.  Additionally, the competition is a classroom based competition and totals should only be submitted per classroom.  Please do not combine classrooms or totals from different classes.


The Foundation will award a grand prize of a $250 Amazon gift card to the teacher (in each class size category) whose classroom has the most minutes played from August 15th - April 19th. Each student from the overall winning classrooms receives a $7 McDonald's gift card. In addition, the overall winning classroom in each category will win a refurbished tablet.

The competition rounds are below:

  • Round 1: August 15 - October 31st (all smoothie requests must be submitted online by October 31st) 
  • Round 2: November 1st – January 24th (all smoothie requests must be submitted online by January 24th)
  • Round 3: January 25th - April 19th (all smoothie requests must be submitted online by April 19th)


To aid teachers in their iCivics efforts, the following will be provided:

  • $50 for participating in competition by using the iCivics AZ tracking tool (must participate in at least 2 of the 3 rounds)
  • $25 for completing the student demographic form online - Click Here for Demographics Form
  • $25 for having participating students complete student surveys 
  • For each additional class that the teacher has compete in at least 2 rounds of competition, they will receive a $25 stipend

*Implementation stipends can be requested at the close of the Overall iCivics Competition on April 19th. To request the Implementation Stipend, complete and submit the form located in the iCivics Arizona Document Center.


For Competition Rules, visit the iCivics Arizona Document Center.


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